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In this new blog post, we are going to explore some of the best Flutter app ideas that can be built by a mobile developer who is new to Flutter and Dart.

Flutter is a popular cross-platform mobile application development framework that helps building pixel-perfect UI powered by the Dart programming language. It introduces widget-based UI development which is very easy to learn and grasp. If you already have some programming experience on techs such as Java, JavaScript or PHP, then Flutter and Dart programming will be easier to grasp.

By implementing the following Flutter app Ideas, you’ll grasp a ton of core concepts that are specific to Flutter development, such as UI widgets, Dart programming, navigation, provider, stateless and stateful widget classes, etc. It is highly recommended to completely implement one of these app ideas and publish it on Play Store or App Store. By the end of it, you will definitely touch the expert-level in terms of Flutter development.

Most importantly, all of these Flutter project ideas are perfectly eligible to add to your portfolio. So if you are looking for the best project ideas to build your Flutter portfolio, this is a great place to get some inspiration. Now, let us take a dig at the ten most amazing Flutter app ideas for beginners.

1. Recipe App One of the great ideas to build an app as a beginner developer is the Recipe app. I will give beginners the basic knowledge of how to implement a simple application containing a recipe list and recipe detail.

There are a lot of Flutter templates out there that represent the Recipe app. We can take their UI design and features as an example and create our own recipe app. It will definitely impart knowledge on how to show the list of recipe items correctly with a beautiful design.

Beginners will definitely learn to use the various widget and their powerful properties. Also include common components such as header, side menu, modals, bottom navigation bar, etc. Overall, Recipe app implementation can be a great way to start learning Flutter app development.

2. Covid-19 App With the Covid-19 virus hitting our lives with uncertainty and restrictions, we are bound to provide some kind of mobile-based solutions for it. The easiest and simple app can be to develop the app that shows the Covid-19 cases across the globe.

The data can be represented in the form of charts and diagrams, which will make beginners wary of the powerful charts libraries available in Flutter. We can also show the list of preventive measures in the form of a list and various artful designs.

There is a high chance that building this app will make beginners perfect in representing statistical data in Flutter application along with other use full components. We can also include the likes of map and color code the countries based on infections. Overall, a very useful app to build for the community as well as to learn the Flutter app development for beginners.

3. Blog App Nowadays, blogging has been very popular in every field of study. People travel, research, review, and write it all down on their blog for others to read. It is one of the main sources of information nowadays.

Now, we can prepare a blog app using various widget combinations in Flutter to give a clean and efficient blogging platform. For basic, it can be the app that shows the list of blogs and also allows to browse through the blog in an in-app browser. In advance, we can create a blogging mechanism in the app itself providing the rich text editor.

There are some powerful libraries already available that offer rich text editor components for writing down text with styles and all. This can be a bit complex for beginners but either way, we need to learn these sorts of implementations. You can also check out some Flutter app templates that blogging interface and blog reading views for more inspiration.

4. Chat App Well, chat applications are extensively used by every smartphone user. They are the primary medium for communication nowadays. People can easily contact one another locating from different corners of the world. Chat apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. are some of the widely used apps in today’s world. We can learn from their chat app interface and design our own chat application.

There are already many Flutter Messenger clones or Flutter WhatsApp clone templates available in the market. They are simple to build as well. They mainly include the use of a list with some logic. Nowadays, stories feature are also popular in these chat applications. You can also include these to make the app more social. You will learn to use the list which is scrollable horizontally and vertically, a list that appears based on sender and receiver. By using Flutter, we can implement this with so much ease once you get started.

If you want to build a chat app that scales to millions of users and supports all of the advanced features of a messaging app, you can check out our pre-built Flutter Chat App template.

5. Cryptocurrency App cryptocurrency application lies in the category where it becomes a bit complex for beginners. First, the concept of cryptocurrency is hard to understand but building the app is a different matter.

Just like the Covid app, this app will also constitute the representation of statistical data. While the Covid app can suffice with basic charts, this app will require the use of high-level charts to show the statistical data. It can be a combination of different types of charts with the ability to determine the pattern of cryptocurrency surge.

By using this app, users must able to predict what is the economical trend of cryptocurrencies in the market. Along with the use of high-level charts, beginners can also learn to deal with numbers and mathematical representations. There is a plethora of knowledge to gain from building these types of applications. And, Flutter has the capacity to deliver this app.

6. Food Delivery App in Flutter Another interesting idea that will kickstart your Flutter app development journey is to develop Food Order and Delivery app. These apps are in high demand as well. There are already a large number of UberEats clone templates already build using Flutter available in the market.

We can check out the features and UI of these templates to create our own Food delivery app. This app will range from basic to complex as we keep on adding the features. Listing out the food, restaurants can be simple in Flutter but logic to track the delivery using maps can be complex. One can get a thorough knowledge of how to use maps and navigations in implementing this application.

To keep it simple, we can list menu items and restaurants in a simple and modern UI design. While transitioning to advance, we can use the libraries that are already available. Building a complete Food delivery app will definitely make you an expert-level developer in Flutter.

7. Ecommerce Store App Well, we can miss the eCommerce app or shop app as we can call it when it comes to ideas to build mobile applications. Nearly every retail shops now have their own eCommerce application. They simplify the overall selling and purchasing as well as help in marketing to make the overall sales growth. In this digital world, there is a high demand for eCommerce app in the market.

Listing out products, showing detailed product view, using image view effectively, calculating the price, making orders, tracking orders through a map interface, etc everything can be included in this application. This can be a huge learning ground for Flutter beginners. Developing this kind of apps will definitely make beginners familiar with maximum UI widget components in Flutter as well as show how the Flutter project should be properly structured. It will also include the use of powerful plugins for the camera, gallery, etc. The beginner who implements this app including all features can be considered an expert in the Flutter app development field.

8. Social App Social mobile applications such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are most likely found in everyone’s smartphones. These apps drag the users can make them hooked to the app. Though using these apps seems easy and intuitive, developing the UI and features in this app is on a whole another level. However, it is possible using Flutter mobile application development framework.

There are already a lot of state-of-the-art Instagram clone app templates, Twitter clone app templates built using Flutter which are available in the market. They offer modern and intuitive UI with powerful features just as in the original app. The way user stories and posts are shared with social interaction features available in-app can give proper knowledge on how to implement a clean and modern UI in Flutter app development.

The use of cameras and text-based posts is heavy in these apps. So, one who takes on the task to develop this app will definitely get proper knowledge on using advanced camera options in the Flutter application. Overall, the social app development idea can be a bit complex for beginners but not impossible if you take a look at some of the Flutter Instagram and Twitter clones already available.

9. News App Another simple idea can be to show the news snippets in the application. This will barely use the advanced widgets available in the Flutter. You can just list out the news and attach a link to them so that it can open in the in-app browser. Well, you can definitely play with features to provide categorical news. It will definitely help beginners learn the basics of Flutter development and the use of basic UI widgets.

To make it more advance, you can add sliders and animations with another stylish widget just for learning purposes. But, make sure that the user experience is optimized. Definitely, a lot to learn from building the News app. Also, do not forget to check out some of the most amazing News App templates build using Flutter which is already out there in the market. Making a proper study of already available apps will give you an idea of what to include in a mobile application.

10. Music App Last but not the list is the Music app which is another great idea for building and learning about Flutter applications. For beginners, it can be a bit complex because there will be the use of different buttons and events also seek bars. We can use carousels in Flutter to browse through different music files. Also, there will be the use of an audio plugin to play the music. Definitely, a bit complex when it comes to functionality but other than that implementing the UI will be very informative.

This will definitely include the use of advanced widgets available in Flutter. Knowledge about the use of music files is a must. It will make beginners learn how to access the local storage and file system to get access to music files and load it into the Flutter application. The audio feature to play, pause, stop, rewind, forward is a different thing altogether. Overall, a difficult app to build for beginners but there is a lot to learn from it. At least, we should try a simple UI. You can also check out some open-source music applications that are build using Flutter for inspiration.


In this blog post, we explored the ten best Flutter app ideas that will surely take you from beginner to expert level in Flutter app development. It will surely equip you with various concepts and skills to build any type of Flutter regardless of what feature it needs.

The Flutter community is still growing and we need more problem solvers and solution providers like you. In the future, Flutter will surely be at the top of mobile application development technology simply due to its simplicity in creating UI and delivering effective and performant mobile solutions

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