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What's Included

  • Flutter Login Screen

    You get the full codebase, running on both iOS and Android.

  • UI Screens & UX

    Our codebase contains the fully coded UI & UX, including animations, navigation and layout.

  • Firebase Integration

    Get a fully functional backend integration with Firebase Auth and Firestore.

  • Github Project

    You get access to our open-source Github project.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Step-by-step documentation that covers everything you need to get started.

  • Support

    Get support from our developers in case anything comes up while following the documentation.

  • MIT License

    Use this project without license restrictions.

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Features That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Walkthrough Onboarding
  • Login Screen
  • Registration Screen
  • Login with Facebook
  • Logout Mechanism
  • Firebase Auth Integration
  • E-mail & Password Registration with Firebase
  • Persistent Login (Save Login Info)
  • Profile Photo Upload
  • Firebase Auth, Storage and Firestore Integration
  • Profile Photo Upload
  • Extensible Code
  • Modularized colors, strings and images

Download our complete Flutter starter kit to jumpstart your mobile app development. Save at least a week of design and development. Do not reinvent the wheel. We wrote the first 1000 lines of code for you and designed a beautiful Flutter login screen system. Learn how to build a Flutter new user experience in just two minutes.

  • Firebase Auth Integration
  • Login with Facebook
  • E-mail & Password Registration with Firebase
  • Persistent Login (Save Login Info)
  • Firestore integration
  • Logout mechanism
  • Firebase Auth, Storage and Firestore Integration
  • Profile Photo Upload

The best codebase to start your next mobile project.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Speed & Costs

Instamobile's codebase proved to be incredible. We built our solution in just a matter of days. This was a project estimated to 15 months by several development teams we discussed with. It's insane how much money and time it saved us!

David Adams


I'm really impressed by how well organized the code is. It's relatively easy to add new components and stuff. I'm a newcomer with React Native and it was easy to understand the code. The integration with Firebase is amazing, the app works really fast.

Alex Chu


Overall, it's remarkable. The code is amazingly clean and well-written -- super elegant. I learned about a lot of performance optimizations that I was not familiar with, such as video compression, memoization, and disk caching. The app is crazy fast!

Nicholas Forbes

Meet A Few Team Members

Florian Marcu

Founder & CTO

"I did mobile development at Twitter (4 years), and Facebook (3 years). My code impacted literally billions of users. If you are using Twitter or Instagram for iOS, you are running my code."

Cristina Radulescu

Software Developer

"I'm a fullstack software developer. In my previous job, I was a developer at Uber, in San Francisco, where I spent 4 years in the marketplace team. At Instamobile, I'm focused on the backend side."

Emmanuel Shola

Software Developer

"I have over 5 years of experience doing cross-platform mobile app development in React & React Native. I also have a fair amount of experience with native Swift."

Mostafa Abdelazim

Software Developer

"I worked as a software engineer doing mobile development for over 6 years now. I'm mostly specialized on the Android platform, doing native Kotlin and Flutter."

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